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tomorrow. . good morning, it is november 6th, election day, i am pam cook. >> and good morning, we will go to steve paulson who knows about election day. we have 70s to 80s, maybe record highs but cooler than yesterday and a big change coming up, here is sal. good morning, westbound looks good getting to the caldecott tunnel and it also looks good on marin but if you are driving south you will see traffic because of some road work, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. time now 5:00 let's go back to election day and polls are open two hours from now. the millions of dollars spent on ads and they all come down
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to this very day. the presidential ad shows mitt romney and president barack obama neck in neck in the all battleground states. they are just about to battle and then he is taking a very unusual step continuing to campaign. he then heats heads back in boston. the first lady michelle obama and president barack obama are heading home watching the election returns come in from there. we will have an election day guide to all of the key moments for when results are expected to come in. both democrats and republicans are starting their last election and have ewill have more on who they are
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targeting. campaign headquarters will be targeting voters in swing states. you can see all the people they are supporting and inside everything is ready to go. inside it is the symbol, the one they say represents politics. they were just as busy targeting places such as florida ohio and virginia. overnight the energy level in the volunteers has just soared and people have started coming in and calling and wanting to help. >> reporter: now democrats say they are targeting republicans and undecided voters and they are hoping to convince people president barack obama needs to finish what he started. >> we need to know what the facts are and to have to be
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able to share that with other people. >> both parties say they will not take everything from granted and this is live from beaumont. it is a big issue on the ballot for voters, it is prop 30. they made a big push for this tax increase measure. let's go to alex, what do you know alex? >> reporter: well the governor will be casting his ballot about two hours from now and he will obviously be voting in favor of proposition 30 and urging others to do the same. the governor is making a last minute push to fund education and he made a 5 city swing with a rally of education. >> they care about the kids, they care about the schools and
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they care about the future, keep yes on proposition 30. >> reporter: he end that sized those making more than $250,000 will be footing most of the bill on proposition 30. it will temporarily hike income taxes and increase the sales tax with all of that money going to k12 and community colleges. however if it fails, it would be trigger cuts, a $6 billion cut for schools. it is under a pro point and in use our -- measure. >> reporter: ooh and at the end of the day will be rejected because it is not about who education cuts, it is about a tax increase. >> reporter: they got a slap on the hand from the fair political practices and the
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watchdog group accused them from receiving money from a conservative arizona watchdog group and not the source in campaign ads. as we come out here live, is he in favor of proposition 30 and we will bring it to you live when it opens. and we will have continued coverage all throughout the morning. you can go to our website and if you still need to find a polling place we can find a state by it state break down for what is at stake. it happened on list tier why -- on the avenue and police say he crashed into a vehicle which was not involved in a pursuit. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay.
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it is unclear what sparked the chase but he is not clear and that student. he was sexually abused and they are calling on the district to apologize. she sued the school district claiming they failed to stop the abuse. but the school district responded to the lawsuit by calling her negligent and careless. the online calls on the district to apologize at its november 13th board meeting and proof that the woman's problems were false. and a new report says that the benefits far surpass what was paid out. the giants parade said it costs $25,000 but he estimates visitors and tourists spent between 18 and $40 million. >> 5:06 is the time back over
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to sal. how is traffic so far, sal. >> well, it's not as interesting as the newsroom conversation, it is kind of booing. >> right now we are off to a good start. we want it to be nice and even, and right now it is, let's look at the commute on 880 westbound, now today we might see a different pattern and as some people stay behind, there usually is a backup right after that. we will usually get on the road, especially for an election like this, you are going to see that. keep that in mind. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and then later on tonight, people are hurrying home. let's look at northbound 280 and it looks like it is standing still. at 5:07 let's go to steve.
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>> i was going to say the same thing. nice to warm yesterday, we had a bunch, just a bunch, 84 santa rosa, even redding, stockton ukiah was a record. >> 70s and 80s, santa rosa, i doesn't think so. that will not happen, san francisco 76 and that record is 83. oakland could be close, 80 is going 78, san jose will be right in there. redwood city as well. there needs to be a couple 49 in antioch, the warmest temperatures are on the coast and there is a little component on the coast. there in lice the problem, it will still be nice but it will be sunny and warm for november.
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temperatures are topped out and it will be cold by friday. chilly lows inland. highs will be on the upper -- in the upper 70s for many. it is tough to get the inland lows to warm up. it definitely helps the coast. here comes that system and our temperatures will go way down. it's just a week after being devastated by that super storm. the storm that is bearing down on them and how the jersey shore is preparing. plus a possible new tool to combat metropolitan abuse, how it works and where it's being
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tested right now. it is a problem but we will explain.
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. welcome back. some people are being told to evacuate again. the office of emergency management has ordered people in low-lying areas in brick new jersey to evacuate ahead of an approaching nor'easter.
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the town is expecting to see up to an inch of rain and that's not unusual on its own but it can certainly create a storm surge to an already flooded area. several states are trying to make sure they can cast their ballots and meanwhile they issued an executive order to cast ballots at any polling state. they said voters displaced by the storm will be able to cast ballots by e-mails or faction meanwhile they will go to traditional polling places that have lost power. it could be one of the closest presidential elections in history. allison burns in our newsroom and has more. >> reporter: at this point it really is about watching those
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big battleground states and when those polls close we could know who our next president will be barring any surprises. the first poles close in virginia and north carolina between 430 and pacific time. and the poles close in new hampshire and by 6:00 in wisconsin, colorado could be decided. winds early in the night in ohio virginia and florida, given the other states he is favored to win, mitt romney is looking to take those, ohio virginia and north carolina and make it a long night for president barack obama. the most recent polling puts president barack obama ahead but not by much. reporting live washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. well a new field pole is suggesting fewer ballots will be cast than in the 2008 presidential election despite the number of people registering to vote. it is estimating more than 12 million people are preparing compare that to 7-point four million in 2008. there is one theory, people were more motivated four years ago because of the hiss tore rick nature of president barack obama's candidacy. voters are expected to reach a new record and they are expecting 51% to vote early and compared to 51% voting early. we will have very special coverage this afternoon and we started as poles were closing on the east coast. we will have up to the minute
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results on ktvu channel 2 morning news and there is an expanded addition on the 10:00 news for bay election coverage. a new vaccine is showing some results. they developed the vaccine and they say it appears to have metropolitan from reaching the nervous system. so far the vaccine has only been tested on lab rats and it's unclear if it helps reduce cravings. a warning after a possible kidnap attempt of a five-year- old boy. it happened on saturday on oakly avenue. the boy was playing in his front yard when a blue minivan driven by a woman drove up, the boy said she offered him some candy and asked if she wants to
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go with ribed as the a blue anybody -- mini-van. edward dough is accused of intentionally striking edward bar tell in the district of thanksgiving after an altercation at a jack in the box two blocks away. he has pled guilty and alyssa has pled guilty accessory after the fact. >> the city of oakland saw cycling increase 46% than puts him at number 7 on the nationwide list. almost 3-point 5% of open commuters ride their bikes to school or work. san francisco comes to school and number one is washington
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d.c. 5:17 is the time, sal, you were talking about a brush fire in livermore, how is it going? >> we were looking at the marin county commute, there was a little bit of road work cause being some traffic, and the traffic here looks pretty good. they usually do some work and sometimes it runs a little bit long. sometimes it does look good here on the bridge and i don't see any fog, but it looks like a nice clear day. same thing, nice clear drive getting into san francisco and no major problems via the bridge. we spoke of livermore and it looks good via the pass and caster valley. here is steve. sonoma count tip airport -- county airport says mostly fog and now that is clear, still an
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easterly breeze, not as warm as yesterday, it really kicked in yesterday and we have about 10 to almost 14 record highs. tuesday still looks good and then we start the cooling trend tomorrow. i don't think san francisco, or oakland. oakland might be closed. san jose of oakland, records 80 and 1964, redding and redwood city. 84 was popular yesterday. oakland downtown, san jose, redwood city, all 84 all set records. 48 santa rosa, 49 antioch, 48 san francisco 58 in oakland. still a hint of an easterly breeze, i think i will pack my bags and give way to sunshine and get warmer weather today,
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they literally will go and we are just giving a leading edge. temperatures will come down 15 degrees. maybe higher elevations overall calmer conditions, cooler lows, 70s to upper 80s and it is really tough to get the inland temperatures warm. it could come up with the offshore breeze and cooler on wednesday and thursday, now this is a colder system more than it is a rainy system. it will be okay but it will be darn cold in the morning. overnight asian markets were mixed, japan slipped less than a half of a percent each and trading was relatively light ahead of election results. and on election day, a little
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bit of gains and it does point to a slightly higher opening and it will be a wait and see but tomorrow markets will be reacting. fbi is now looking into trades of apple stock. a trader received an order for apple shares but the trader bought 1,000 times the number of shares requested, totaling a total and now the brokerage is on shaky ground. the extra shares were ordered by mistake but the brokerage believes it was intentional. new life for a damaged sailing yacht. how oracle believes it was meant to happen last month and they are going to show it off this weekend. what happens when you are in outer space here is how
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astronauts will have their voices heard in this very important election. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento
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and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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. officials at the johnson space center have e-mailed a digital version in the international space station. when the ballot is complete it comes back down to earth and
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the ballots are sent down to texas in 1997. -- and this was passed in 1997. they are believed to have targeted more than a dozen businesses. this is a glimpse of what he looks like. this is video taken at a bodega grocery store. police say he is an east bay resident. he got away running into the surrounding hills. and there are more than 100 grocery stores in nevada and as much as 8,000 workers walked off the job sunday. workers say they only want to keep the benefits they have now and ones that retirees already count on. they are trying to make contexts as they try to compete with nonunion stores.
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others will stay open during the strike. oracle has found a way to recycle a sailboat when it flipped over and the team plans to use an 8 million-dollar sailboat. now they are building a tiny model for the tag event and that's an event where 33 teams will see how far they can launch their unique devices into a 36-foot tall platform. 5:36 is the time. sal, is it looking pretty good this morning? >> yes. >> this is considering the way we like it, we might see a different pattern depending on how people vote whether they vote in the morning or afternoon. getting to highway 17, that looks good in san jose and no major problems up and over the hills from the santa cruz mountains and it looks good
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from pleasanton and fremont and eventually into san jose. a little patch or two, overall clear, cool to mild to warm. 61 in san francisco, it will be a sunny nice day but it will still be warm, temperatures 70s and 80s coast and bay, i don't think it will be as nice but still warm. pam? coming up next, three employees are under arrest after a baby died in their care, what we are learning about the investigation. we are live at the county registrars office, we will show what you it looks like and where they need to go on this registration day.
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. it is 5:30, steve paulson said it will be upper 30s by the coast. >> we may end up with 70s and 80s with not as much as an easterly breeze, here is sal. coming up to the willow pass grade, people are on the road through the construction
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zone and you will see some slowing. this is a look at 237 as you cross 880, now at 530 let's go back to the desk. the poles are open here in california, just 90 minutes from now, president barack obama now back home in chicago, he will watch the election returns come in and mitt romney will continue campaigning in ohio before returning to boston. we will have live reports from both the obama and election day headquarters throughout the morning and we will have more coming up in 13 minutes. voting on the east coast. this is a live picture. you have lived in hialeah? >> hialeah, sorry about that folks in florida. even with the increasing popularity, many are choosing
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to cast ballots intern and there they are on election day. and in knoxville new hampshire, that is the first to vote in the presidential election and the 10 registered voters are there for the first time ever it was a tie. 5 times for president barack obama and more for president barack obama. >> voters have already voted. jeanine joins us from the registrar's office and i know people are showing up, so what is happening now jeanine? >> we have already started to see some activity. this is a registrar's office and it's also a polling place and it is a vote by male drop off box. cars are lining up and people inside are handing in their ballots. now we have already seen several people drive through
5:33 am
the parking lot to drop off their ballots before 5:00 a.m. they will be here to help open all the voter offices and they are expecting a high voter turnout and they wanted to make sure their voices were heard. >> it was important for me to vote and get my voice heard. to vote on the propositions i like and dislike. i am here at 5:00 a.m. making sure he gets in today. >> 29 people have been here compared to the other election and they had an 86% turnout and now the latest numbers i have from the registrar's office here from santa clara county is that the vote by male office, 46% have been returned and they are expecting a lot more people to come in and hand them off
5:34 am
today. this is a place to do it, on berger drive, election workers are starting to arrive here and registrar's office is starting to arrive and be here at any minute to help all of those polling workers at the different poles. it is in oakland this morning to talk about governor jerry brown's measure to pass. >> and on election day he will cast his ballot in favor of the ballot. that will happen in just about an hour and we will be on standby. meantime the governor is making a push to fund education. he stopped at several different
5:35 am
cities wining up form rally in san francisco. cuts have been made across the board and he urged voters to stand up for education funding. >> we have to care about our kids and we know our california dream cares about our schools. >> they are footing most of the bill under proposition 30. the measure would temporarily mark high income earners and would increase the sales tax for everybody. the money will go to community colleges as well. if it fails the results will be trigger cuts, a $6 billion cuts to schools.
5:36 am
there is no guarantee, it is not really written, it all goes to the schools. >> yesterday the no on proposition 30 camp got a slap on the hand from the fair practices commission and this watchdog group accused opponents of receiving an 11 million-dollar donation from a conservative group. keep in mind voters also have to decide on competing measure when they go to polling places to vote which would raise taxes across the board with the revenue going directly to school districts so a big choice, helping people vote in favor of proposition 30 and he will be casting his ballot, ktvu channel 2 morning news.
5:37 am
they would repeal the death penalty if passed. it would change the sentences of death row inmates to life without the possibility of parole. if it passes other states could follow suit. almost a quarter are there in california. we will continue coverage throughout the morning and you can also go to our website and if you need a state by state break down of what is at stake you will find it on our website they were arrested in connection with the death of a four-month old baby. the care givers at the magic place were arrested on suspicion of involuntary man daughter. the four-year-old accidentally
5:38 am
suffocated in his bed last month. a one-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. she was booked hours after she brought her grand daughter -- granddaughter to the hospital with a gunshot wound. authorities say she could not explain how the child was injured in her care. the child was flown to the hospital where she remains critical but stable condition. at the san francisco board of supervisors is coming through as long as there is no lewd activity. they unanimously approved a ban and public nudity raises health questions and that it is bad for businesses. critics say nudity is a form of
5:39 am
expression. 5:38 is the time sal is watching traffic for us. we could be getting busy. what are you laughing about? >> i practice modesty. i am 13 years old at heart. pam, to answer your question, we have a nice looking drive and we don't have anything major yet. we are off to a decent start and we have not seen anything good. remember it can all change in a moment so if you want to get out there and do it while it's not all that bad you can do it right now. 8 -- 880, it is not causing a big traffic jam, no problems getting into san francisco and we talked about the accident, i put it on the map there,
5:40 am
northbound 880 is not affecting traffic so much. and we are getting a little bit busy coming from the pass. let's go to steve. very good morning, some of the records yesterday, i could have done two or three panels yesterday. gilroy 90 degrees, oakland 84, santa rosa 84, redwood city 84, san francisco 79, ukiah 85 so there were a bunch yesterday. even stockton and redding hit 73. yesterday we were cool and we are losing that and oakland 80 close to, i just done think so. san jose flirting, 81 on the forecast high. forecasting 80 in red wood city. maybe a third of what we saw yesterday.
5:41 am
40s 50s and 60s. we had some upper 40s, tiny breeze, i looked at some of the higher elevations and it's mostly calm up there less than 15 and we were losing that breeze. it's just high pressure and the days are very short. not much until late, you can see that fog heading back to the coast. look at that system which will start to keep in thursday and friday. we will get some rain but temperatures will plunge. chilly lows and it is tough to warm up without that easterly breeze and we will go with a few 80s and the warmest locations will be in the santa clara valley. it is kind of a rainy pattern everything looks okay but it's very chilly in the morning. his bus was set on fire
5:42 am
when a san francisco driver will be keeping them safe. more on today's ballot and why it is gaining attention from across the nation. good morning, westbound 24, it is getting more crowded and we will tell you more about the morning commute and have another check of the weather coming up. 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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. good morning, warmer by the coast, not as warm as yesterday, with lower 80s. well it may be election day but the campaigning is not over for mitt romney and we are at headquarters in boston where
5:45 am
repu is headed today, good morning. good morning to you, yes, this is the election headquarters and mitt romney has a long way to go and he will be getting here he is about 10 miles from where he is and he is trying to rally the undecided voters in two critical states. >> reporter: a high-end if i valley -- rally in new hampshire for republican challenger mitt romney. >> they put me on the path to win the republican nomination applaud. >> and tomorrow your votes and work right here in new hampshire will help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: he hop scotched hitting crucial states from florida, to virginia to ohio attacking president barack obama and touting his credentials saying he knows what it takes to fix the
5:46 am
economy. >> i am not going to take time to pass legislation that is not related to jobs. i am going to help america get back to work. >> reporter: it continues on election day and mitt romney has two more meet and greet stops. in pennsylvania and ohio in a state many consider a key to the white house. >> there are ways to put it together, the new expanding the map possibility, minnesota has won, michigan has won based on one pole... >> he visits ohio and virginia and mitt romney says they will keep working to keep the energy going until the poles close. mitt romney will be in ohio and how important is that state? mitt romney was doing radio interviews and he said ohio is going to pick the president, as for mitt romney, we are told he will be watching the returns
5:47 am
from boston with his kids and grandkids and he said he will know he has left nothing on the field when they come on the stage tonight. pam? thank you for that update from boston, in the meantime president barack obama is here where his election day headquarters are located. in the meantime we will have it coming up in our next hour. meanwhile, vice-president joseph biden and his wife, dr. joe biden cast their votes. later this morning they will fly to join president barack obama and the first lady watch the returns come in tonight. and they will vote by absentee ballot last night. they are deciding whether there will be attacks on soda. >> now if taxes are approved they would be the first of its
5:48 am
kind in the country. two other hot button issues in other states are legalizing same sex marriage and also the recreational use of marijuana. washington state, oregon and colorado could become the first states to possession small amounts of marijuana. meantime maine maryland, voters will decide whether or not to legalize same sex marriages. it has been held in all 32 states on that popular issue. we will have election coverage all throughout the morning and special coverage this afternoon. we start at 4:00 p.m. as poles are closing on the east coast. we have results on and there will be an expansive coverage for complete bay news.
5:49 am
allan yam kept his passengers safe while his bus was set on fire on third and market streets. he urged everybody to stay put and then evacuated his bus after somebody started smashing the windows. police are still looking for the two people who started the fire. sal, you are watching oakland, what is happening there. >> yes, usually the commute starts to get busier and you definitely see more people on the road than we did in the last half hour and getting up to the bay bridge, you will see outside lines and we'll see what happens when the metering lights go on at 6:00 usually. and the livermore valley has been good, we don't have a lot coming in from 205.
5:50 am
so if you are looking at pleasanton to fremont, let's go to steve. there was a much more easily pronounced easterly breeze and it will be in the 70s to a few low 80s. redwood city mainly to the peninsular, patchy fog may be, santa rosa is the only one i have seen so far. warming trend topped out. there are still upper 40s around. livermore 51, antioch and santa rosa, upper 40s and oakland 58, redwood city is at 51. there is an easterly breeze but most locations say calm. high pressure is here today and by tomorrow we will start to get blasted out and we will
5:51 am
start to talk about colder temperatures and some rain tomorrow is transition day. this is going to be a dramatic change. low clouds will be back by tonight into tomorrow. look at this, this is more of arraign. lighter breeze, chilly inland lows. i just saw some upper 40s. 70s for many, again without that easterly breeze we will go with a few. clouds rolling in and we will take that into friday but the big screaming message will be how cold it is. gm says the credit lines come from 35 general
5:52 am
institutions and gm is not saying what they plan to do with the money but they may be planning on buying stock from the u.s. government and they still own part of the stock from the u.s. bailout. they are going to stop making cars in the u.s. it will continue to sell its popular motorcycles atvs and beaten generals. -- engines. what happened in an open field last weekend and why investigators are stunned. >> plus new video of small children trapped inside a capsized boat, what it did to keep them alive during those frightening moments, here is more coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. time now 5:55 you have to see this dramatic new video on the boat last weekend. they are showing the waves crashing over that capsized boat, it overturned with seven people on board including the children. several children were trapped and one of the toughest moments
5:56 am
was rescuing a father who did not want to leave his kids behind. the rescuers towed the boat out of the surf and cut a hole in the hull of the boat. the 350-acre brush fire is burning and hundreds of firefighters are out there near the can hone pass. they shut it down around noontime and the road closures lasted until early evening. they are 10% contained right now and they hope to have full containment by tonight. they are looking for a person who shot and killed a horse in santa rosa. the horse was standing in a pasture in the park. he managed to run back to his
5:57 am
stable before collapsing. they are offering a reward for anybody with information. in 1966, davis was hired as the first african-american woman to work as a reporter on the west coast. since then she has covered the aides epidemic and the assassination of one man and i admire her. >> she is a legendary woman. her husband bill is a great guy too. >> exactly. we are looking at the bay area and we are starting off with some of these commutes getting busier by the moment. let's look at northbound 82 which is a little more crowded than it was. it is not slow yet. if you are on the sunole grade,
5:58 am
680 does look good passing the bottom of the hill. let's go back to the desk. another house fire, who is responsible for setting it. we have live team coverage of election day 2012 continues. another record-setting day on temperatures, your forecast is coming up. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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